Famous Canadian festival – Food Day Canada

Famous Canadian festival Food Day Canada

This year Food Day Canada will be celebrated on August 4th, 2018. The day was started just parallel to Earth day which is celebrated for the earth. The Food Day Canada is known for several reasons and therefore it is highly regarded throughout Canada for all food enthusiasts. The best and the record-setting part of the day is the longest BBQ in the world which is organized here. It is organized just to commemorate the BSE crises of 2003. (more…)

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What USA food is most popular?

American food

It’s true that we only think of Coca-Cola, burgers and unhealthy fast food when thinking of America, but there are a few exceptions. Many American dishes are popular all over the world and also in Canada and many people are not aware of their origin.

Today we have taken the responsibility of education the Maple Leaf bearers in some food they enjoy from across the border. (more…)

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Contributing factors for the popularity of American cuisine in Canada

American food in Canada

The popularity of American preparations is increasing in popularity quite rapidly in Canada. If we go a bit deeper into the phenomenon, we will see that taste is not only the contributing factor. The overall food and beverage industry in Canada and the demand in the market coupled with some unique conditions have led to the situation. (more…)

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