Contributing factors for the popularity of American cuisine in Canada

American food in Canada

The popularity of American preparations is increasing in popularity quite rapidly in Canada. If we go a bit deeper into the phenomenon, we will see that taste is not only the contributing factor. The overall food and beverage industry in Canada and the demand in the market coupled with some unique conditions have led to the situation.

To begin with it cannot be doubted that regional American recipes are becoming more appealing to the Canadian population. Various dishes like deep dish pizza or the traditional barbecues of smokehouses have created a stir in the food fanatics.

The demand for American cuisine is also seen as the factor for the growth of the Famous Dave’s and similar restaurants. The wood smoked meats are gaining more popularity in Canada and we can expect more American style eateries to open up.

American cuisine

Many Canadians are crazy about the “Made in USA” tag and then there are those who have never crossed the border. For them the new eateries come as a blessing. On top of that American restaurants and businesses are eyeing the Canadian restaurant industry due to many factors.

The industry is a strong $68 billion one and contributes 4% of the GDP. 47% Canadians go for eating out every day compared to 44% Americans. There is a huge market to tap into and earn big revenues. Iconic Canadian restaurants also have started catering to the demand and serving American cuisine. You can walk into Earls Kitchen + Bar or Joey Restaurants and order your favorite American delicacy right now.

The rise of certain type of restaurants also contributes to the rise of American flavors. Full-service outlets and casual dining are becoming preferred options and many of them serve American cuisine. The contemporary setting, creative environment, healthy preparations and fresh ingredients appeal to the senses of the Canadians overwhelmingly. This provides a great opportunity for American restaurant chains to cross over to Canada and that is also happening slowly.

Canada also provides another space of expansion and key players like IHOP are already taking notice. The breakfast options in USA are something that Canada is not very strong in. Though there are smaller players, the market doesn’t have any national leaders. IHOP with 22 outlets all over Canada is making a head start and trying to capture the market.

Entrepreneurship is also strongly supported by the Canadian government and companies can apply for government assisted loans. The top 5 banks of Canada and the regional credit unions are eager to help entrepreneurs with the capital they need to set up business.

While Canada had been overlooked as a promising market by American restaurants, the scene is changing now. The rise of takeouts and home delivery has also contributed to the growth of restaurant industry and around 60% of all food purchases are consumed outside the facility. Added to that is the growing demand for American dishes.

Along with the other ethnic flavors of the world, American cuisine is also making a mark on Canadian market gradually.