What USA food is most popular?

American food

It’s true that we only think of Coca-Cola, burgers and unhealthy fast food when thinking of America, but there are a few exceptions. Many American dishes are popular all over the world and also in Canada and many people are not aware of their origin.

Today we have taken the responsibility of education the Maple Leaf bearers in some food they enjoy from across the border.

Let’s tantalize your taste buds with the following delicious and yummy cuisine from America.

Buffalo Wings

You won’t believe how the recipe of Buffalo wings was invented. In old times the wings of the chicken were considered to be yucky unworthy of consuming. Normally, the ended in the trash cans along with the garbage.

Buffalo Wings

But during 1960s, a cook in Buffalo, New York got an order from a customer for some chicken wings. The customer mistakenly ordered for the wings instead of the neck and the chef decided to be creative.

The chef tossed the wings and fired them topping with a spicy sauce. And that’s how Buffalo wings was born and carried over to Canada!


We have to thank the American ladies for the encouragement provided for the invention of brownies. The irresistible small pieces of chocolate treats were born courtesy of socialite Bertha Palmer in Chicago during the 1890s.


She ordered the chef of the Palmer House Hotel owned by her husband to come up with a sweet treat for women to indulge in during the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The only condition was that it was to be like a small cake which could be eaten in a single bite. It should be pointed out, that a lot of people around the world adore cooking and all that related to it, but there are many other opportunities for spending your leisure time. For example, you can easily amuse yourself having a good time with casino online games or on others activity sources. Be sure to use its reviews to select trusted operators. And hey, you can play while eating your treats!

The original brownie recipe was devised by the chef and won the heart of Lady Palmer. It’s still served today at the Palmer hotel to the delight of the guests.


The modern day meatloaf may be a extravaganza, but originally it was a poor man’s food.

You can find meat loaf like dishes in ancient Rome, but it was the Industrial Revolution of America that gave shape to the present day meatloaf.


With invention of machines like the meat grinder, it was possible to make meat flexible to adopt different shapes. Coupled with the poverty during Great Depression, people used bread crumbs along with meat in this preparation.

The recipe soon became popular and today you can get some sumptuous meatloaf preparations in places like Toronto, B.C. and elsewhere.


Now let’s thank America for something to make the burgers go easily down the throats!

The modern day milkshake enjoyed by Canadians was developed while experimenting with a sweet beverage. Ivan Coulson who worked at a Chicago Walgreens during 1922 was trying his luck making a new drink stirring some milk, a pinch of malt powder and a bit of chocolate syrup.


Things didn’t taste that yummy till he somehow thought of putting some ice cream in the mixture. His genius paid off and today we can lick our lips with satisfaction while drinking some milkshake.

So what are you going to order today?